Today I share a secret!

Today I share a secret!  Today I am going way outside my comfort zone to share a secret with you!  It was about 8 weeks ago that I was feeling really terrible.  I was about 15 lbs over what I weighed last summer,  every part of my body was in pain, I was tired all the time, and just really frustrated.  I am a personal trainer, wellness coach, I shouldn’t feel like this right?

Well to explain where I am right now I do have to go back a little.  In fact way back to July 2010.  I was in complete burn out as a care giver.  I could not move, or get out of bed.  6 years of caring for my ill parent had just done me in and only when I got right to the bottom did it really become obvious that I was in total burn out.  We actually went into crisis and my parent was moved into a really beautiful Long Term Care Home.  It was one of those miracles that happen.  It just all worked out.  Parent is happy and now I am figuring I will be on the road to recovery.

Well not so fast.  3 weeks later I have an accident while ref’ing a hockey game and tear my MCL, Menisus and do serious damage to a disk in my low back.  I can’t walk  or sleep for 2 weeks.  It was a crazy time.  Over the next few months as I am in rehab for my injury and in my opinion it is not healing fast enough I figure I need a big Goal to get me there. So I decide to commit to riding a bike 660k Toronto to Montreal in July 2011.

I didn’t even own a bike to take on this task.  So get a bike, get training, and struggle along from April to July when we are meant to go on this trip.  Now amazingly I accomplished this goal.  In total with the training and the ride I put on 2000km on my bike last year.   Camped along the way.  Got home and then the recovery really began.

It took me a few months to really recover and in these months I started to see the weight gain, I was really in pain everyday.  I actually thought the pain was from the training rides, exercise ect.  Boy oh boy was I kidding myself.  I was just in pain! I was also very fatigued!

Now I don’t take any medication for pain or fatigue so I began to look at other lifestyle changes that might be necessary for me to make.  When I was ready because you always have to be ready for change what I did first was cut out all grains.  ALL!  No exceptions ever.

My decision was to only eat protein and vegatables.  I would allow myself to have cream in my coffee, a very small amount occasionally of Kefir, nuts, olive oil, butter and coconut oil.  (Will talk more about this in the near future.)

Immediately I began to feel better!  I could not believe it.  Within days the pain I had been feeling for so long was disappearing.  I could get out of bed with ease which I hadn’t been able to do for quite a while.  I had more energy.  Actually started to accomplish stuff each day.  Lots of stuff.  It was very exciting to feel this way.

Then I was lucky enough to plug into the Paleo Summit and listen to a number of specialist in Paleo living and was amazed that in fact that was what I was doing for the most part with my diet and didn’t know it had a name.

Then a huge improvement again when I listened to Dr. Thomas O’Bryan discuss Gluten sensitivity.  Bam!  I was absolutely shocked at all the things that gluten sensitivity can affect.  I made the decision to stop eating gluten and this has furthered my well being!

The experiment continues however it is very exciting to say that my weight is down 12 lbs without once ever being hungry or feeling like there are foods I am missing out on.  Cravings, no not really.

What’s more exciting than reducing my weight by 12 lbs is that clothes that have been sitting in my closet for quite a while because they didn’t fit, fit!

My training is really awesome.  I feel stronger than I have in a long time and I am not putting hours into training either!  I use kettlebells, body weight, and really looking forward to getting up to the cottage and using more nature training up there.   Have included playing basketball once a week just outside throwing the ball around.  Play!  It is fun, we laugh, giggle and at the end of 1/2 hour work up a nice sweat!

Results of the last 8 weeks:

  • feel great
  • have reduced weight by 12 lbs
  • have more energy
  • clearer thinking
  • lots of clothes fit that didn’t 8 weeks ago
  • better training (stronger)
  • reduced pain dramatically in my body

So there you have it today I shared a secret, I am a bit uncomfortable however feels good to share it with you.  I am looking forward to continueing this journey and sharing more as I go.

Stay tuned!

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