Time to Re Launch Vision Quest Performance Coaching!

Vision Quest Performance Coaching was launched in 2001.  At that time I was recently certified in Personal Training.  Most people don’t enjoy working out however it is something I have always really enjoyed doing.  Lifting weights, pushing myself, focusing on getting stronger, having better balance, reducing my size give me joy.  Finding out how far I can push myself is a really cool thing for me to do partially because I have been challenged by different health issues over the years.  Yet I don’t take prescription drugs, continue to train, just finished The Friends For Life Bike Rally where we rode our bikes from Toronto to Montreal, 660k in 6 days.  It was awesome and I did it.  Actually the day before we were leaving my Chiropractor told me she was amazed that I was making the trip because only 8 months prior I had an accident where I tore my MCL, Meniscus and hurt my back in a way that I could not lie down in bed for over 2 weeks.

So I haven’t trained clients in a year.  Haven’t worked with clients in a while however I am now excited to begin working with clients who want to discover that Athlete inside!  I particularly focus my training working with women who want to find their inner athlete because we all have one inside us even if you don’t think it or believe it.

Our world is set up athletically.  We are meant to move athletically and are taught this from a young age.   It doesn’t really matter if we are good at athletics or not the coaching begins early.  We have teams in business, our family is a team.  We coach our children in the ways of the world.   We play on teams whether they be sports teams or debate teams.  All of these events help us to decide how we feel about our own athletic ability whether it is true or not.

What I passionately love to do is help women see they are strong, athletic in their own way through exercise and help them begin to leave a legacy for the world.

Along with Personal Training in your home or mine, I help clients with holistic lifestyle coaching, nutritional coaching, supplements that help bridge the gap between the food we eat and lack of nutrition we are getting today.

More to come!




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Hello, thanks for checking out my webiste and blog. I am a Holistic Health Coach with a Passion for helping feel better, look better and live longer. My approach is very simple. Nutrition or lack of nutrition is the reason for Most Illness today. By providing clients with a solid foundation I am offering a chance for them to improve how they feel and look at the world. By doing this clients are having a chance to do more because they are feeling more about themselves.

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