Metabolic Resistance Training

What is Metabolic Resistance Training?

In this blog post Craig explains what is metabolic resistance training!

Here is what Craig has to say about Metabolic Resistance Training:

“What is Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT)

Anytime you use supersets or circuits to train with an elevated heart rate and insufficient recovery, you are doing metabolic resistance training.

BUT, the metabolic resistance training used by Turbulence Training readers isdifferent

…I’ve modified the heavy metabolic resistance training and also incorporated metabolic resistance conditioning, using lighter resistance AND less rest.

And so thanks to these short burst workouts, you build muscle and lose fat at the same time, while getting lean and even having ripped six-pack abs, all without cardiovascular training OR interval training.

In fact, you DON’T even need fancy, expensive equipment. Instead, you can focus on using bodyweight exercises, dumbbell and kettlebell exercises, or even TRX exercises. That’s a lot of variation, and perfect for keeping your muscles guessing.”  Click here to read more on Metabolic Resistance Training


What a great video right?  Not only did you just learn about metabolic resistance training, Craig provided you with some great metabolic resistance training exercises!


Benefits of Interval Training

Benefits of Interval Training

Are there more benefits of Interval Training?    Yes!  The most common fitness myth is we must spend a great amount of time doing cardio for our better health!  And in reality this is simply not true!  In fact it is the exact opposite. There are many more health benefits of Interval Training.

benefits of interval training

Check out this Ted Talk on exactly this.  It is very interesting and informative if you have been spending a great deal of time training for marathons or endurance races.  You may not be as heart healthy as you think.

Interesting right?  In fact it is time to eliminate the long slow cardio from your training program for the benefits of interval training today!

We are living in  a world where we really don’t have time to spend hours doing cardio especially when the research is showing it is doing more harm for your health.  The long marathon running or endurance training might also causes overuse injury.  Bottom line, your time can be used much more efficiently to achieve the body you desire with the benefits of interval training.  Instead think of short burst interval training workouts with strategically designed supersets of dumbbell and bodyweight exercises, to maximize your results in minimum time.

benefits of interval training

The biggest benefit of interval training ? Big results in a minmum amount of time. Spend 15-20 minutes doing intervals, really it works out to less that 50 minutes in the gym.

This is why I feel that the TT Interval Training programs are some of the most effective today.  No gym required, very little time and big results.

So if you are looking for the benefits of Interval Training here is the program you will want to be following!

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