It is very good for your health, your brain, and the most important your future no matter what you age is!

It is very good for your health, your brain, and the most important your future no matter what you age is!

How did we get here?  It seems that the health of our world is at an all time low!  Just heard a few minutes ago that a reporter for our cities major newspaper dies at 51 years old.  And it seems that we are hearing about this very thing almost weekly.  Is it so normal for individuals in the late 40’s and early 50’s to be dieing?

I hear more and more about people that are living on all kinds of medications/prescription drugs and think it is normal.  Is it normal today to live on an average of 6 prescription drugs in a single year?  Personally I don’t think so however it does seem to be accepted as normal.  Can you imagine how people feel with even 2 prescription drugs coursing through the body?

Yet when it is suggested to get some exercise the answer seems to be a definite NO!  Why is that?  When did exercise get to be a dirty word?

I was listening to an interview the other day with Erwan Le Corre is the founder of MovNat and was totally fascinated as he described that most kids in school had really terrible experiences with sports!  Most kids weren’t good at sports so therefore they felt they just weren’t able to do any kind of physical activity well and this left a very bad feeling in them the moment exercise, training, sports comes up.

Personally I was pretty good at most sports, excelled in a few and so it would never occur to me to realize that.  Although at some level I see each and every person I have ever worked with as an athlete.

I see my clients as athletes, train them as athletes at their level and help them move forward with movement, training to become very good at what level they are comfortable at.  I have done this successfully for over 10 years and have seen quite a few people come work with me who said they were not in any way athletic become very active and athletic.

Those were really awesome moments.  Seeing someone do well at something they never thought was possible.

Learning how to move can be very enjoyable, empowering and so much fun.

It is very good for your health, your brain, and the most important your future no matter what you age is!

So get out there and discover the joy in moving!  Get in touch if I can help you move in ways that will be the most beneficial for you.

Is Exercise Preventable Medicine?

Is Exercise Preventable Medicine? This is the question for today! In today’s world where couch potatoe is the norm, where most say they don’t like exercise, or they don’t have time it’s a question that may make the difference between life and death for some.

I find that a visual sometimes has so much power to put us into action that I want to put up this video today. It is really awesome and in fact went viral on YouTube because it is so great to make the point of the Power of Exercise in Health. The question today is exercise preventable medicine and the feeling is that it is! What is exciting is that it is also simple.

“A Doctor-Professor answers the old question “What is the single best thing we can do for our health” in a completely new way.
Dr. Mike Evans is founder of the Health Design Lab at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, an Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of Toronto, and a staff physician at St. Michael’s Hospital.”

Now if you took the time to watch the video you will now know that it doesn’t take hours per day to change your health situation whatever it is right now. Time is our most valuable possession and using it in ways that provide us with quality of life for our entire life are worth it right? What do you feel? Is exercise preventable medicine for you? How will you add 30 minutes to your day?

If you have questions or I can help you get moving get in touch!

Go ahead and Show Up!

Exericse like your life depended on it!   What if you began an exercise program that fit you perfectly?  What if you changed your opinion of exercise to feeling that each and every time you bagan your perfect program you had the time of your life?  What if you found that lifting weights, moving your body in ways that you do not normally do was so much fun you couldn’t wait for your next training session?  What if you found that as you continued to train you actually began to see yourself as an athlete?  What if you began to change your shape by movement in a good way?

I say What If because most people especially women never give it a chance!  I mean a real chance.  If you have never trained, worked out, exercised, moved beyond only the most basic life movemnets it is going to take a minimum of 3 months for your body to begin to adapt!  Then as you continue you will see small changes over time that will make the biggest difference to your mental outlook, your health and wellbeing, your shape will continue to change become what you have envisioned.

With all that said the only way it will happen is if you actually find a way to start, continue and see it through.  A colleague wrote on his blog this morning that in his gym he is already seeing the big drop off in usership at his gym.  All the New Year Resolution members are quitting because!  Well who knows why they quit.  Yet they do and this happens each and every year.

There are a couple of things you must address to have success in the area of fitness.

  1.  Look at the goal you want to achieve?  What are you looking to change?  And with all change comes loss, so you must also look at what you will be leaving behind that is comforting.  Be very clear on both of these as it will allow you to move feeling good for what is coming and what you are leaving behind.
  2. Have yourself Show Up!  Showing up gives you the space to be uncomfortable with what you are doing yet be there willing to begin.  Show Up as the person who has a clear goal that you want to achieve!  Show Up as a person who is looking for a positve change.  Show Up as a person who is ready to let go of what is not working when it comes to your health and fitness needs.   You can begin your health & fitness journey by simply showing up!  Go ahead and Show Up!

So, exercise like your life depends on it!  Have fun, Show Up, See and Feel like a new you.

Let me know how I can help you!

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Exercise so you can live life on your terms for your entire life

Exercise is an activity that I really enjoy as a part of my day.  Exercise it not something I might do during my day it is something that is necessary as a part of my day to feel accomplished and complete.  And I have included it my day for years.

Interesting today I was going through some old files and found this info from Dr. Mark Crapo, TCM Doctor.  He tells us that in TCM (Tradition Chinese Medicine) the following are the most important for a good life and in the order listed:

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Massage
  4. Herbs
  5. Acupuncture

So after what you are putting into your body in the of nutrition, exercise is the next most important activity you must do for a healthy life!  Imagine a 5000 year history is telling us the same thing as we are hearing today!  Do you think there were many couch potatoes 5000 years ago?  Probably not!

Here are the know benefits of exercise:

  • manage stress
  • enhance mood
  • manage weight
  • strengthens bones , muscles, heart
  • helps digestion
  • improves balance
  • helps control diabetes
  • helps control PMS, Mentrual and Menopause complaints
  • increases energy
  • brings our your inner athlete
  • physically stronger – more independence
  • better sleep

Top 5 Reasons I would suggest you exercise!

Exercise Will Makes You Feel Alive: moving, lifting, pushing, pulling, twisting, lunging,  challenging, breathing, sweating, results.  The movements are all very necessary in life.  In the aging process the less we move, the less we move and these are the basic movements for life.  These exercise movements will make you feel alive.

Exercise for Reducing Stress: I find this is the best time for me to think without really thinking!  I am focused yet no matter how stressed I feel going into my program once I begin my mind naturally begins to relax and connect with the exercise!  This allows me the luxury of calmness and connecting with that part of me that is mind and body.  And being relaxed in that.  It is the time where those things in my life that are asking for attention get it because I don’t have the chatter going on. It is really an awesome feeling.  Meditation in movement.

Exercise for Reducing Health Challenges: for me I exercise partly because I absolutely enjoy it and because if I don’t exercise everyday I am not able to move as well.  My health depends on me moving, lifing weights, being strong, flexible.  Yet for most exercise will improve your heart health, reduce your blood pressure, raise HDL (good cholesteral), lower LDL (bad cholesteral) improve blood flow, improve your hearts ability to work!  Exercise will help to control diabetes by reducing body fat, reducing BMI will improve health, will improve mood and weight bearing exercise will  promote bone formation and that helps in reducing Osteoporosis.

Exercise help with Digestion: many doctors believe that poor digestion is at the root of all disease.  Through exercise you will improve your core strength and that will improve digestion because your digestive tract will perform more effectively.  Exercise can increase blood flow, stimulate and encourage peristalsis in the intestines which is really good for your digestion!

Exercise to Independence: most people don’t get the chance to spend time in a nursing home and that is really too bad!  If you want a single reason to exercise, stay in shape, be healthy it is to spend time with so many people that didn’t have that vision for their life.  If you are not strong enough to recover from an operation, illness you must have someone else take care of you.  If you can not lift your body weight off the toilet you must wear adult underwear (pampers).  If you are not strong enough you will have to use a walker, wheelchair to have mobility.  Exercise now for your future Independence.  Really we are talking about quality of life!

That is what exercise gives you!  You Quality of Life, Your Independence and the choice to live life how you want for your entire life.  For some getting started in the hardest part and I get that.  If I can help you get started just ask!

In today’s world I hear all kinds of information on why to exercise!  It is everywhere and it is my belief there are very few individuals today who don’t know that exercise is vital for good health!  Yet the numbers are very low when it comes to those who are actually doing it!  A trainer friend of mine thinks it is because most people are lazy.  Now I don’t think it is that at all.  I believe most people don’t think bad health problems if they don’t exercise will happen to them.  It’s kinda like Russian Roullette.  All the numbers stack up that the house is going win yet we play anyway!  Just saying!.

As a Personal Trainer I really enjoy working with folks that don’t think they have it in them to train hard.  Those people that say they are not an athlete are the most exciting to work with because they have the most to gain by finding that athlete within.

So if you want help in finding your inner athlete just let me know.  Looking forward to hearing your story and how I can help you.

To exercise so you can live life on your terms for your entire life.



Strike A Healthy Pose With Symmetry!

It’s Time to  Strike A Healthy Pose With Symmetry!  Symmetry Direct is a company that I have worked with for over 16 years!  Love the products and sometimes they have articles that may be beneficial for you and here is one of them.  Differing ideas for exercise is important because not all people like lifting weights and Interval Training that I do!  So Strike a Healthy Pose with Symmetry and don’t forget to get your Genesis With X’Tranol 24 & Ultra Vitality for your great health today.


Strike A Healthy Pose With Symmetry.

Flex Your Body and Mind With Yoga and Pilates.


If you’re like me, you’re probably not a really big fan of sit ups and crunches. They’re awkward, show mediocre results, and if you don’t do them properly, they can cause severe strain to your neck and back. But if you want strong, toned abs, you have to do crunches, right? That used to be true, but now you have several options that don’t involve any stressful, painful crunches. You can use Yoga, Pilates, or both to have sleek, toned abs, plus strong back muscles and a totally healthy overall physique.

Yoga operates on several levels to help tone your abs, along with the rest of your body. The basic concept of Yoga is to hold yourself in poses. Holding these poses requires maintaining a correct posture. Just being in a good posture can strengthen your abdominal muscles. They are part of the core muscles that help you achieve and maintain proper posture. Even though you can’t feel it, these muscles are constantly making tiny adjustments and getting a great workout.

In Yoga, the poses are held for extended periods of time. Slow even movements and long poses give your core muscles an even better workout and help develop stamina through muscle strength. You’ll probably be able to notice a visible difference in your abs, but even if you can’t, you’ll know they’re stronger when you can maintain better balance for longer periods of time.

Another major part of Yoga is focused deep breathing that allows your body to relax as you pose. This deep breathing involves using your abdominal muscles instead of your shoulders to help inhale and exhale. In addition to your abs helping you maintain balance, you also exercise them even more simply by breathing.

Pilates is similar to your abs with the benefits it offers. Pilates requires use of your abdominal muscles for proper posture and for breathing, just as Yoga does; however, instead of remaining stable, you move your arms and legs around. This is actually just as beneficial for your abs because you have to use them to keep your body still while your arms and legs are in motion. Natural movement would have your torso move, but your abs and back muscles work to keep it stable.

Even though Yoga and Pilates and constantly working your abdominal muscles, there are specific exercises you can do to target these areas, especially in Pilates. These will give you the extra boost you need for more drastic results.

Neither Yoga or Pilates can be learned overnight; however, once you begin to master one of both or these arts, you will get an abs workout like never before without even thinking about crunches.

Try Symmetry’s Symply Magic™, Symmetry Genesis™ and Ultra Vitality™ today to give you the extra boost to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Strike A Healthy Pose With Symmetry today while you feel better, look better and live longer with Symmetry!

Make exercise and Symmetry products a part of your Healthy Revolution today!  Let’s change the health of the world 1 person at a time!  Go ahead get healthier today.  Let me know how I can help?

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If you are over weight and out of shape are you Lazy?

Wow that is quite a headline don’t you think?  Kind of scary for me to write.

So let me start at the reason I put that in the headline today.  I was at a dinner party a few days ago with a personal trainer friend of mine.  We somehow got into a discussion on why people become over weight and out of shape.  My PT friend believes that these people are simply lazy!  Well to say I was mortified by this comment is an understatement!

It made me sad, very sad that a friend, fellow PT would put that kind of energy out to anyone who is struggling with weight, self esteem, health issues.  It also made me angry!  This PT friend has never had a challenge with weight, ever.  So in my humble opinion if you have never walked in a persons moccasins how do you know if they are lazy?  Until you have walked in Over Weight, Low Self Esteem, and any kind of Health issue best not be judging.

I have worked with clients who have been morbidly obese, very unhealthy, very nonathletic and not one of them were lazy.  In fact in many areas of their life they were at the top!  Top student, top employee, top boss, top business owner and for whatever reason this aspect of life got away from them.

It has gotten away from me so I totally get it.  I get being so stressed, so not in the head space to train, work out, exercise.  I get it and I have been in this field of work since 1990.  So what is the person who has no experience, no understanding and is overwhelmed, stressed, running around taking care of family, business, aging parents going to do?  Probably what most do.  They do their best everyday just to survive! Lazy! Absolutely Not!

So for me working in this field I believe that not putting out judgement, not expecting clients to be where I feel they “should” be is a great place to start.  Ultimately I see all of my clients as “resourceful, creative and whole” how my clients reach their health, wellness, fitness goals are with kindness, persistence and compassion!  This is done through teaching each client in a way they can hear that they do have an athlete inside that will come out through fitness, exercise, diet, coaching.


Just My Thought!


..The hottest new strength and flexibility training tool to come to market in many years…”

Over the year I have been introduced to many tools for At Home Personal Training. The Lebert Equalizer is one of the most effective I have found. I use it myself and take it to clients homes for training sessions. It is easy to carry, easy to use and takes up very little space. Check it out:

…The hottest new strength and flexibility training tool to come to market in many years…”

Simplify your exercise routine, and conquer your fitness goals with the LEBERT EQUALIZER Total Body Strengthener™.  It was designed to do traditional strength training exercises for group aerobic classes and is portable for personal training sessions at the club or in-home. The Equalizer targets muscles we love to hate. It works the triceps, lower abs and back muscles like no other. Participants use their own body weight as resistance and decide what level is right for them (resistance is variable as the legs can be used to assist the exercise). The Equalizer is safe and most importantly will add an new exciting dimension to your workouts!

If you would like to order one here is the link:

Exercise and Aging, is there a connection?

Ok I really do like to exercise.  I do something everyday for myself.  I life weights, move kettlebells, ride a bike, go for a walk or run outside, in the summer I cut grass for many hours, and for the most part I enjoy it all.  Exercise or movement makes me feel alive!  It is challenging physically and mentally.  And keeping active helps control weight which is definitely important to slow the aging process.

I am always looking for  information that will help me and my clients age better!  And what I mean by that is to be healthier as we get older.  To me there would be nothing worse than getting older and being unable to enjoy life.  So I keep moving to be able to keep moving.

Here is a quick video on the 7 Deadly Causes of Aging and it is quite interesting.  Dr Aubrey de Grey, Chairman Chief Science Officer, Methusalah Foundation discusses the 7 deadly causes of aging

[cincopa AUPAawKLJ88D]

Dr de Grey discusses Resveratrol and the possibilities.  Resveratrol comes from Red Wine and in fact is called the French Paradox.  The French drink Red Wine and tend not to suffer from the Diseases of Aging like North Americans.  Thus the French Paradox.   I have been taking Resveratrol for the past many years in a product  called Genesis with X’Tranol 24  I like it very much and because he included it in the video it is my feeling to include it here.

[cincopa AoPAwu6Ck-zy]

Take Control and let me know if I can help you.


What will it take to make change?

Change.  What does that mean to you?  To me it means improving on who I am.  It means growing as a human being.  It means getting better at this thing called life.

Why I am writing about change on my Personal Training & Wellness website?  Isn’t change the goal when we decide to begin an exercise program?  Isn’t change the goal when we decide to reduce our weight?  Isn’t change the goal when we decide to eat Organically grown food?  Isn’t change the goal when we decide to quit smoking, eating junk food?

Change: “Make or become different”.

A friend recently told me that when it comes to exercise, changing some of the not so good habits she has there is no incentive to change.  She knows she is not doing enough when it comes to exercise and diet yet it is not important to her.  I totally got it!  She is a very smart gal, has a great job, works a lot, plays golf, goes to the cottage, has a life.  She might not feel a 100% however her family history is long, with no real serious health issues and she has no real reason to make any changes  because of that.

I was told once that for most of us to change our health we must be sitting on the cliff with 2 wheels already over and the car teetering!  This is when we begin to pray and ask for help to make the changes necessary for a good, long healthy life.  Why must it get to that point?

So my question is what will it take to make change?  What will you do to improve your thoughts?  What will you do to move more?  What will you do to eat less food that does not fuel your body in the best way?  What will you do to drink more water?  What will you do to get better sleep?  What will you do to bring more joy & laughter into your life?

Today I am adding meditation to my wellness plan.  It is a challenge however calming the mind, calms the body and if I can do that it is a good thing.  20 minutes a day.  I have 20 minutes and can do that.

Just a thought!  Wendy