Are you being sold poor health?

Ok do you feel you are being sold poor health?  Are you looking for a quick fix to a health concern you have?  Are you watching the TV commercials and deciding you might need one of those prescriptions for you?

I am watching Big Pharma, Big Bucks Documentary and it is really disgusting what is going on in our so called medical world! Now for sure today there are cases where a presription drug is necessary for saving life!  Yet there are also many, many cases where a person has created health problems by very poor diet, no exercise, smoking, too much sugar, too much alcohol.  Making better decisions are very important for you and me to make every single day for feeling good.

We are being manipulated with our health and most of us don’t even realize it!  We somehow seem to think that the medical professionals are working in our best interest.  Big Pharma is pushing drugs because they are making millions of dollars at your expense!

I heard a few weeks ago is that the average Canadian is taking on average 6 prescription drugs.   That’s a  lot of drugs if maybe you or I were able to make better choices to eliminate a few of those prescriptions for feel better.

Click the link below to watch the documentary.



Big Bucks, Big Pharma: Marketing Disease & Pushing Drugs

Healthy eating is not always possible!

In today’s world healthy eating is not always possible!  Fast paced, lack of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the food, processed foods, skipping meals.  Healthy eating is not possible all the time.  Ultra Vitality Crystals are a great bridge to fill the gap nutritionally from the food you are eating and what is no longer in that food as far as vitamins are concerned!

I have included Dr. Mark’s most recent webinar for having  a Symmetry Health and Wellness Insurance Policy with Ultra Vitaltiy so you can rest assured you are getting your daily requirements and more for your great health.

Dr. Mark does a fantastic job explaining Symmetry’s Ultra Vitaltiy Multi Vitamin and why it is a product that will help you when healthy eating is not always possible


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Can we really make a difference?

I have worked in the health & fitness field for a number of years.  I have been very fortunate to work with people of all ages.  Each and every person was awesome in their way and yet what I really am passionate about is working with young people!

Young men and woman today are full of excitment and ready to take on the world.  It excites me to interact with them.  I have trained a few young people and truly in all cases it was an absolutely great experience.

Today globally we are in a health and fitness crisis!  There is more illness from eating poor quality food than ever before in history.  If we want to make change we must educate our young people in a way that lifts them up to knowing how to eat well and what that will mean for their future!

We must begin to be the example of what healthy eating, diet, fitness is so our young people can change the world.  In the short video below Birke Baehr talks about the crazy farmer that grows crops with no chemicals and raises animals the way nature intended.  The Omnivore’s Dilemma is where I was first introduced to this farm called Polyface Farms.  The book is very much worth the read and a great place to see why it might be important to learn about our food system as it is.

Here is an example of what I am talking about:
If this 11 yr. old gets it why don’t we as adults? Why are we living with our heads in the sand that the food we eat doesn’t affect us or our health?  Why are we willing to allow our governments, our corporations decide for us the quality of our food?  Isn’t it time we began to change the way we think about Organic food?  I don’t mean the boxed stuff in the grocery store!  I mean the fruits, veg and protiens that our ancestors ate!  Don’t we deserve to eat the best food possible?  Let’s do it together.

Let’s begin to Live Life by Design.  Make a Difference by Helping Other People Excel!

Certified Organic

In November 2008 I began my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching course.  It was at that time I was introduced to The World’s First Certified Organic Personal Care, Body Care, Oral Care, Baby Care products.  It is so scary when I think about all the toxins we put into our bodies every day without really even thinking about it!  Prior to this course I never really considered that I was putting toxins in daily.  Toothpaste and Deodorant are the worst because most of us use them daily if not multiple times a day!  That is lots of crap going in that is not good for us.

So I have posted prior about a couple of products that I really like and here I will tell you about the Deodorant.

Aroma Free Roll-on Deodorant

Aroma Free Roll-on Deodorant



  • Stay naturally fresh all day with Aroma Free roll-on deodorant. An effective formula, even for the most active person. No aluminum compounds or chemical antiperspirants. Based on the traditional remedies of bicarbonate of soda to eliminate odors and aloe vera to soothe. No essential oils for those who prefer aroma-free protection.

Another awesome product that I use regularly and if you have any questions ask here or go to my website at to see all the wonderful Certified Organic Products.



If you are over weight and out of shape are you Lazy?

Wow that is quite a headline don’t you think?  Kind of scary for me to write.

So let me start at the reason I put that in the headline today.  I was at a dinner party a few days ago with a personal trainer friend of mine.  We somehow got into a discussion on why people become over weight and out of shape.  My PT friend believes that these people are simply lazy!  Well to say I was mortified by this comment is an understatement!

It made me sad, very sad that a friend, fellow PT would put that kind of energy out to anyone who is struggling with weight, self esteem, health issues.  It also made me angry!  This PT friend has never had a challenge with weight, ever.  So in my humble opinion if you have never walked in a persons moccasins how do you know if they are lazy?  Until you have walked in Over Weight, Low Self Esteem, and any kind of Health issue best not be judging.

I have worked with clients who have been morbidly obese, very unhealthy, very nonathletic and not one of them were lazy.  In fact in many areas of their life they were at the top!  Top student, top employee, top boss, top business owner and for whatever reason this aspect of life got away from them.

It has gotten away from me so I totally get it.  I get being so stressed, so not in the head space to train, work out, exercise.  I get it and I have been in this field of work since 1990.  So what is the person who has no experience, no understanding and is overwhelmed, stressed, running around taking care of family, business, aging parents going to do?  Probably what most do.  They do their best everyday just to survive! Lazy! Absolutely Not!

So for me working in this field I believe that not putting out judgement, not expecting clients to be where I feel they “should” be is a great place to start.  Ultimately I see all of my clients as “resourceful, creative and whole” how my clients reach their health, wellness, fitness goals are with kindness, persistence and compassion!  This is done through teaching each client in a way they can hear that they do have an athlete inside that will come out through fitness, exercise, diet, coaching.


Just My Thought!


Dream Big Dreams!

My first business was and still is called U Dream Big!  I feel in today’s world of crazy fast and so much stress we simply forget to dream.  I was told many years ago that what happens to us as we get older is we get caught up in the job, bill payments, mortgage payments, keeping up with the Jone’s that we simply forget to Dream those really Big Dreams we had as kids.

A young friend posted this video on FB and it really speaks to Dreaming Big.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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In what ways will you Dream Big this year?

Just My Thought!

Certified Organic Toothpaste is what I Use 2 Times a Day!

Certified Organic Toothpaste.  I have been using this brand since Nov. of 2008 and really like it.  In fact it is one of my favorite products from One Group.  There are no chemicals in it  and just like it says it does keep my breath fresh.  I also feel good that I have removed more chemicals from my day.   And today it is really important for children not to use the name brand toothpaste.  It is highly toxic and kids are only meant to use a pea size portion and not to swallow the toothpaste!  Did you think that is happening?  It is not a wonder why our children are having so many health challenges so young.

It is actually called Mint Toothpaste.  Here is some info:

Mint Toothpaste

Cleanse and brighten your teeth with bicarb soda. Freshens your breath and maintains healthy teeth and gums. Miessence toothpastes do not contain fluoride, aluminium, artificial sweeteners or detergents.

Keep teeth clean and freshen your breath naturally.

Just My Thought.

  • Mint Toothpaste


..The hottest new strength and flexibility training tool to come to market in many years…”

Over the year I have been introduced to many tools for At Home Personal Training. The Lebert Equalizer is one of the most effective I have found. I use it myself and take it to clients homes for training sessions. It is easy to carry, easy to use and takes up very little space. Check it out:

…The hottest new strength and flexibility training tool to come to market in many years…”

Simplify your exercise routine, and conquer your fitness goals with the LEBERT EQUALIZER Total Body Strengthener™.  It was designed to do traditional strength training exercises for group aerobic classes and is portable for personal training sessions at the club or in-home. The Equalizer targets muscles we love to hate. It works the triceps, lower abs and back muscles like no other. Participants use their own body weight as resistance and decide what level is right for them (resistance is variable as the legs can be used to assist the exercise). The Equalizer is safe and most importantly will add an new exciting dimension to your workouts!

If you would like to order one here is the link: