There is a thought in certain circles that money is simply energy!  And depending how one feels about this energy shows up in all different ways in life!   I find this most fascinating and a few years ago was fortunate to go to a T.Harv Eker workshop, Millionaire Mind Intensive.  This seminar was a full 3 days and lived up to its name Intensive.  The hours for the seminar were in fact very long, very intense yet the learning was powerful and long lasting.  I use a lot of the info I learned to this day.

There is a belief that if your money is in a mess so is your health. I get the idea of it if money is energy and it is a mess life will be a mess and that is the purpose of posting a money topic in my wellness and fitness blog.

There are a number of dates for the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminars in North America from now until the end of December.  The tickets for general admission are FREE.

You can order your tickets through this link:

It is an awesome weekend of learning.  My first MMI I was able to take care of my debt and put money down for a condo within a very short period of time.

To your health through creating a clearer vision for wealth,

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