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It has been a while since I last posted.  I think it is almost 1 month and what a month it has been.  Over 1 month ago I got very sick.  Don’t know what happened but I could not really move and was in bed for 10 days.  After 10 days I got moving very slowly and I am getting back on my feet well sort of. 

Last Wednesday I was reffing a girls hockey game and had an accident.  Without the details a couple of players landed on my left knee.  I have been on crutches ever since. 

Have you ever had things happen and then wonder what is going on in life that is causing it all?  Well that is what I have been thinking and today I realized that I have been learning how to have patience. 

When life is going so fast your head spins sometimes the most important thing to do is to slow down and yet we live in a world that this is the last thing that is acceptable.  We are never meant to slow down, take care of ourself, be kind, be loving to our self.  Well this is exactly what I have needed and the universe has help me to realize this. 

Patience.  When I want everything to happen now I realized today I must have patience.  When I begin to feel well I must have patience and allow time to heal and mend.  When I want business to happen right away I must realize that I must have patience to let the business grow and develop.  Patience.  I must realize that nature has patience, the four seasons.  Spring is the time to plant, summer is the season to grow, fall is the season to reap and winter is the season to rest so.  I must understand that I too require the same kind of patience and I am grateful for this lesson. 

Until I post again, Wendy

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