I am doing it!

After a year of illness, injury and enormous stress I have committed to ride the Friends for Life Bike Rally this summer and couldn’t be more excited. 

It is a bike rally from Toronto to Montreal.  There will be anywhere from 300-400 people who will be riding – to raise money for the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation .  The ride happens this summer starting July 24th to July 29th 2011. 

So my commitment is not only to do the ride it is to begin preparing, training for the ride both physically through exercise, bike riding, going to seminars to learn the basics of bikes and riding in a group.  All of them I find interesting.   I must raise $2200.00. I am already 27% to my goal.  I haven’t done this sponsoring thing in years.  It is amazing how wonderful and supportive people are.  Thanks a million!  If you might want to sponsor me on the ride just click the logo and you will go to my secure page.

Just got a new bike yesterday, put 10 k on it already.  Going out for our first training ride in a couple of days.    I am looking forward to posting on this experience. 

From the perspective of how do I Re-Invent myself back to health, energy, vitality and a sense of joy.  And I will do that in part through sport.  I have begun with my training, exercising, spin bike riding. More to come. 

So appreciative of this opportunity. 

  Hope your day is wonderful.

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