Go ahead and Show Up!

Exericse like your life depended on it!   What if you began an exercise program that fit you perfectly?  What if you changed your opinion of exercise to feeling that each and every time you bagan your perfect program you had the time of your life?  What if you found that lifting weights, moving your body in ways that you do not normally do was so much fun you couldn’t wait for your next training session?  What if you found that as you continued to train you actually began to see yourself as an athlete?  What if you began to change your shape by movement in a good way?

I say What If because most people especially women never give it a chance!  I mean a real chance.  If you have never trained, worked out, exercised, moved beyond only the most basic life movemnets it is going to take a minimum of 3 months for your body to begin to adapt!  Then as you continue you will see small changes over time that will make the biggest difference to your mental outlook, your health and wellbeing, your shape will continue to change become what you have envisioned.

With all that said the only way it will happen is if you actually find a way to start, continue and see it through.  A colleague wrote on his blog this morning that in his gym he is already seeing the big drop off in usership at his gym.  All the New Year Resolution members are quitting because!  Well who knows why they quit.  Yet they do and this happens each and every year.

There are a couple of things you must address to have success in the area of fitness.

  1.  Look at the goal you want to achieve?  What are you looking to change?  And with all change comes loss, so you must also look at what you will be leaving behind that is comforting.  Be very clear on both of these as it will allow you to move feeling good for what is coming and what you are leaving behind.
  2. Have yourself Show Up!  Showing up gives you the space to be uncomfortable with what you are doing yet be there willing to begin.  Show Up as the person who has a clear goal that you want to achieve!  Show Up as a person who is looking for a positve change.  Show Up as a person who is ready to let go of what is not working when it comes to your health and fitness needs.   You can begin your health & fitness journey by simply showing up!  Go ahead and Show Up!

So, exercise like your life depends on it!  Have fun, Show Up, See and Feel like a new you.

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Hello, thanks for checking out my webiste and blog. I am a Holistic Health Coach with a Passion for helping feel better, look better and live longer. My approach is very simple. Nutrition or lack of nutrition is the reason for Most Illness today. By providing clients with a solid foundation I am offering a chance for them to improve how they feel and look at the world. By doing this clients are having a chance to do more because they are feeling more about themselves.