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In November 2008 I began my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching course.  It was at that time I was introduced to The World’s First Certified Organic Personal Care, Body Care, Oral Care, Baby Care products.  It is so scary when I think about all the toxins we put into our bodies every day without really even thinking about it!  Prior to this course I never really considered that I was putting toxins in daily.  Toothpaste and Deodorant are the worst because most of us use them daily if not multiple times a day!  That is lots of crap going in that is not good for us.

So I have posted prior about a couple of products that I really like and here I will tell you about the Deodorant.

Aroma Free Roll-on Deodorant

Aroma Free Roll-on Deodorant



  • Stay naturally fresh all day with Aroma Free roll-on deodorant. An effective formula, even for the most active person. No aluminum compounds or chemical antiperspirants. Based on the traditional remedies of bicarbonate of soda to eliminate odors and aloe vera to soothe. No essential oils for those who prefer aroma-free protection.

Another awesome product that I use regularly and if you have any questions ask here or go to my website at http://www.dreambig.mionegroup.com to see all the wonderful Certified Organic Products.



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