What Makes Weight Loss Goals Achievable?

What Makes Weight Loss Goals Achievable?

Weight loss is one of the serious problems rising in people. It’s now become all time desire of almost every man and woman to look gorgeous, slim and smart every day. The way to achieve weight loss is not a very difficult one but though require determination and consistency to achieve the desired target.
Many people use and apply different diet plans , exercises recommended by nutritionist and dietitian but experts say that whenever you go to follow any action , make it in consideration that your goal of losing weight must be Smart i.e. it should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable ,Realistic and Timely.

The reason of making your goals smart is that not every course of action is suitable for every one so make sure that you follow that path that suits you and make you towards betterment of your health not decline in your body system.

Another way is to make a one big goal and divide it into many small goals, this can be also done by creating short and long term goals and record them in a note book and keep check on it whether you are attaining your small goals or it need changes in it.

Next you have to stick to your goals, before starting any plan or for example change in your routine, make sure you can follow it every day with the same time as you have started it. Don’t be lethargic once you have decided that this is a plan convenient for you, be with it and follow it with great punctuality and restrictions.

Ready alternatives, if you feel that something in the plan you can do now but will be difficult to perform often then set a backup plan or any alternative. For example you have decided that you will eat porridge at breakfast everyday but if it’s not available what will be the other substitute?

Minimize risks and failures, if you feel that if you miss any of the steps in your set goals, you won’t be able to achieve the desired result then extract knowledge about the best possible substitutes earlier so it will minimize the risk of going in the direction opposite to the plan.

In the end make the evaluation what goals are achieved and what are not and how you can make them flexible and easy to achieve.

Planning just one idea of what makes weight loss goals achievable!

I always include in my plan Symmetry nutritional products because they balance, energize and help me stay healthy on my journey.

What goals have you set our for yourself?

Is Exercise Preventable Medicine?

Is Exercise Preventable Medicine? This is the question for today! In today’s world where couch potatoe is the norm, where most say they don’t like exercise, or they don’t have time it’s a question that may make the difference between life and death for some.

I find that a visual sometimes has so much power to put us into action that I want to put up this video today. It is really awesome and in fact went viral on YouTube because it is so great to make the point of the Power of Exercise in Health. The question today is exercise preventable medicine and the feeling is that it is! What is exciting is that it is also simple.

“A Doctor-Professor answers the old question “What is the single best thing we can do for our health” in a completely new way.
Dr. Mike Evans is founder of the Health Design Lab at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, an Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of Toronto, and a staff physician at St. Michael’s Hospital.”

Now if you took the time to watch the video you will now know that it doesn’t take hours per day to change your health situation whatever it is right now. Time is our most valuable possession and using it in ways that provide us with quality of life for our entire life are worth it right? What do you feel? Is exercise preventable medicine for you? How will you add 30 minutes to your day?

If you have questions or I can help you get moving get in touch!

Go ahead and Show Up!

Exericse like your life depended on it!   What if you began an exercise program that fit you perfectly?  What if you changed your opinion of exercise to feeling that each and every time you bagan your perfect program you had the time of your life?  What if you found that lifting weights, moving your body in ways that you do not normally do was so much fun you couldn’t wait for your next training session?  What if you found that as you continued to train you actually began to see yourself as an athlete?  What if you began to change your shape by movement in a good way?

I say What If because most people especially women never give it a chance!  I mean a real chance.  If you have never trained, worked out, exercised, moved beyond only the most basic life movemnets it is going to take a minimum of 3 months for your body to begin to adapt!  Then as you continue you will see small changes over time that will make the biggest difference to your mental outlook, your health and wellbeing, your shape will continue to change become what you have envisioned.

With all that said the only way it will happen is if you actually find a way to start, continue and see it through.  A colleague wrote on his blog this morning that in his gym he is already seeing the big drop off in usership at his gym.  All the New Year Resolution members are quitting because!  Well who knows why they quit.  Yet they do and this happens each and every year.

There are a couple of things you must address to have success in the area of fitness.

  1.  Look at the goal you want to achieve?  What are you looking to change?  And with all change comes loss, so you must also look at what you will be leaving behind that is comforting.  Be very clear on both of these as it will allow you to move feeling good for what is coming and what you are leaving behind.
  2. Have yourself Show Up!  Showing up gives you the space to be uncomfortable with what you are doing yet be there willing to begin.  Show Up as the person who has a clear goal that you want to achieve!  Show Up as a person who is looking for a positve change.  Show Up as a person who is ready to let go of what is not working when it comes to your health and fitness needs.   You can begin your health & fitness journey by simply showing up!  Go ahead and Show Up!

So, exercise like your life depends on it!  Have fun, Show Up, See and Feel like a new you.

Let me know how I can help you!

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Exercise so you can live life on your terms for your entire life

Exercise is an activity that I really enjoy as a part of my day.  Exercise it not something I might do during my day it is something that is necessary as a part of my day to feel accomplished and complete.  And I have included it my day for years.

Interesting today I was going through some old files and found this info from Dr. Mark Crapo, TCM Doctor.  He tells us that in TCM (Tradition Chinese Medicine) the following are the most important for a good life and in the order listed:

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Massage
  4. Herbs
  5. Acupuncture

So after what you are putting into your body in the of nutrition, exercise is the next most important activity you must do for a healthy life!  Imagine a 5000 year history is telling us the same thing as we are hearing today!  Do you think there were many couch potatoes 5000 years ago?  Probably not!

Here are the know benefits of exercise:

  • manage stress
  • enhance mood
  • manage weight
  • strengthens bones , muscles, heart
  • helps digestion
  • improves balance
  • helps control diabetes
  • helps control PMS, Mentrual and Menopause complaints
  • increases energy
  • brings our your inner athlete
  • physically stronger – more independence
  • better sleep

Top 5 Reasons I would suggest you exercise!

Exercise Will Makes You Feel Alive: moving, lifting, pushing, pulling, twisting, lunging,  challenging, breathing, sweating, results.  The movements are all very necessary in life.  In the aging process the less we move, the less we move and these are the basic movements for life.  These exercise movements will make you feel alive.

Exercise for Reducing Stress: I find this is the best time for me to think without really thinking!  I am focused yet no matter how stressed I feel going into my program once I begin my mind naturally begins to relax and connect with the exercise!  This allows me the luxury of calmness and connecting with that part of me that is mind and body.  And being relaxed in that.  It is the time where those things in my life that are asking for attention get it because I don’t have the chatter going on. It is really an awesome feeling.  Meditation in movement.

Exercise for Reducing Health Challenges: for me I exercise partly because I absolutely enjoy it and because if I don’t exercise everyday I am not able to move as well.  My health depends on me moving, lifing weights, being strong, flexible.  Yet for most exercise will improve your heart health, reduce your blood pressure, raise HDL (good cholesteral), lower LDL (bad cholesteral) improve blood flow, improve your hearts ability to work!  Exercise will help to control diabetes by reducing body fat, reducing BMI will improve health, will improve mood and weight bearing exercise will  promote bone formation and that helps in reducing Osteoporosis.

Exercise help with Digestion: many doctors believe that poor digestion is at the root of all disease.  Through exercise you will improve your core strength and that will improve digestion because your digestive tract will perform more effectively.  Exercise can increase blood flow, stimulate and encourage peristalsis in the intestines which is really good for your digestion!

Exercise to Independence: most people don’t get the chance to spend time in a nursing home and that is really too bad!  If you want a single reason to exercise, stay in shape, be healthy it is to spend time with so many people that didn’t have that vision for their life.  If you are not strong enough to recover from an operation, illness you must have someone else take care of you.  If you can not lift your body weight off the toilet you must wear adult underwear (pampers).  If you are not strong enough you will have to use a walker, wheelchair to have mobility.  Exercise now for your future Independence.  Really we are talking about quality of life!

That is what exercise gives you!  You Quality of Life, Your Independence and the choice to live life how you want for your entire life.  For some getting started in the hardest part and I get that.  If I can help you get started just ask!

In today’s world I hear all kinds of information on why to exercise!  It is everywhere and it is my belief there are very few individuals today who don’t know that exercise is vital for good health!  Yet the numbers are very low when it comes to those who are actually doing it!  A trainer friend of mine thinks it is because most people are lazy.  Now I don’t think it is that at all.  I believe most people don’t think bad health problems if they don’t exercise will happen to them.  It’s kinda like Russian Roullette.  All the numbers stack up that the house is going win yet we play anyway!  Just saying!.

As a Personal Trainer I really enjoy working with folks that don’t think they have it in them to train hard.  Those people that say they are not an athlete are the most exciting to work with because they have the most to gain by finding that athlete within.

So if you want help in finding your inner athlete just let me know.  Looking forward to hearing your story and how I can help you.

To exercise so you can live life on your terms for your entire life.



Top 10 list for a healthier you

Many years ago back in 1995 I had 2 car accidents within 8 months of each other.  The short version is I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (A chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and tenderness in localized areas.) This was good news because I knew what I was living with.  At that time the bad news was the fight that was in front of me with lawyers, doctors and insurance companies.  All of the professionals felt that if I were really in that much pain I SHOULD be taking all of the prescription drugs that they were telling me to.

I simply refused!  It was my feeling that going the road of prescription drugs would be the worst thing for me for the long term.  I just knew there was a different way and to me a better way.

And so today here is the top 10 ideas that I put into my life for a healthier, better life long term.  I say that because today I really do feel great, have a good energy level and am very active.  Now I don’t say any of these things to brag I only tell you in case you are looking for another option for your health!  There are many roads to health and this is the road that worked for me and it might work for you as well.  Or maybe a couple of ideas implemented into your daily routine might make a difference for your day!

More Health & Fitness Top 10:

1) Water for Hydration and Health

  • Definition of Water: colorless, odourless, tasteless and clear.
  • Water makes up more than two thirds of the weight of the human body, and without it, humans would die in a few days
  • A mere 2% drop in our body’s water supply can trigger signs of dehydration: fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on smaller print, such as a computer screen.
  • Mild dehydration is also one of the most common causes of daytime fatigue. An estimated seventy-five percent of North Americans have mild, chronic dehydration.
  • Water forms the fluids that surround the joints. Water helps to alleviate constipation by moving food through the intestinal tract and thereby eliminating waste- the best detox agent. Regulates metabolism
  • Most people can not tell the difference from hunger and thirst and will eat something to satisfy the feeling.
  •  If feeling hungry have a glass of water.  After 20 minutes still hungry then eat as you really are hungry.
  • Drink ½ your body weight in ounces daily
  • Simple way to get 8 glasses of water daily: on waking up, at each meal and snacks, before bed, with exercise-this will be a challenge as you start, stick with it as it is worth it

Here is a link to an article on what Mild Dehydration will do: http://www.naturalnews.com/035062_dehydration_health_effects_moods.html

Drink lots of water!  This is one of the most important thing you can do for yourself.   The water you drink must be purified with a carbon filter and the one I use is called Countertop Water System from Symmetry .

Go ahead start drinking, Water that is!  Enjoy it!

2) Quit Smoking

O.K. I know you don’t want to hear how bad smoking is for you right?  Well smoking is very bad for you and now is the time to quit no matter what age you are.  It might be one of the most difficult things you do however it will be totally worth it when you come out the other side a non smoker.

It’s so bad for you I don’t have enough space to put it all down here however take a look at the first 1/2 paragraph at an article from Natural News:

(NaturalNews) In the US today, cigarette smoking causes one-third of all cancer fatalities and one-fourth of all fatal heart attacks. In addition to this, there are many illnesses and diseases that are a direct result of cigarette smoking. This includes chronic bronchitis, emphysema, assorted respiratory ailments, angina, peptic ulcers, heartburn, and diarrhea. A recent estimate is that smoking is a factor in more than 15% of all of the deaths occurring annually in the US.
Learn more:http://www.naturalnews.com/025351_smoking_nicotine_quit.html#ixzz1nnmpOaWU

Go Ahead and Quit Smoking Today!

3) Stop eating food out of packages:

Now is the time to begin to eat REAL food!  You may have heard the suggestion before to get your food from the outside of the grocery store?  Well what that really means is to purchase real food.

When I was in the US a few months ago what I noticed is a lot of the packaged food is now right at the entrance as you come in on your way to the real food.  The grocery store is set up to sell you stuff and that stuff is not the best for us to eat.   If you are purchasing food in packages take a look at the labels.  If there is 1 ingredient that you can not pronounce put it back on the shelf.  It is not food for you to consume if you are looking for a healthier life.

Here is a link to another great article from Natural News on Packaged Foods!  http://www.naturalnews.com/026244_food_MSG_neurotoxins.

You may be surprised once you read this article at some of the negative things in that packaged food and what it does to your health.  Stop eating packaged foods!  And because we don’t eat well all the time take a really good quality Multi Vitamin.  The multi vitamin I choose is Ultra Vitality Crystals, becuase I drink them, tastes good and I feel so much better knowing I am doing this as well for my good health.

4) Get plenty of Veggies & Fruits

Have you heard that since you were a little kid?  Eat your Veggies!  Eat that fruit!  Well there is a reason your mother told you that.  Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants and so much more….are in these wonderful foods and we need all those things for our good health.  Purchase your veggies and fruits as fresh as you can, so buy local whenever possible and in today’s world the only choice is to purchase organic.  More nutrients, better health.

Search the Natural News website at www.naturalnews.com for any questions you might have on this topic!

I also include Ultra Vitality Crystals each and every day because it is a great source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements that I am not getting in my food today.

5) Eliminate Sugar

Sugar was never meant to be eaten by the pound each and every day.

Excess intake of sugar causes: inflammation, suppresses the immune system up to 4-5 hours, and since society has begun to increase sugar consumption weight gain has also become an epidemic problem in our society!  Reduce your sugar intake now!

6) Exercise

I know you hate exercise, right?  OK let’s be frank, most people say they hate exercise without ever really giving it a serious commitment.  What I have found over the years is exercise makes me feel alive.  My heart is working, I am breathing concentrating on a specific program, getting it don, pushing myself to accomplish a goal as intended.  Then when I am done I feel happy because I have sen my progress through my goal.

And you can feel that way too!  Start where you are.  It doesn’t matter how you feel now is the time to start.  Your goal will determine how you will start and what activities you will do.  Walking for some will be an awesome beginning.  For others going and getting a Personal Trainer who will design a program specific for you to succeed in your goal!

Start moving today!

Personally I exercise most days of the week and have for many years.  I find it an awesome stress reliever and I feel good.  As a part of my daily workout I also take Ultra Vitality Crystals, Genesis with X’Tranol 24.

7) Sleep

The most misunderstood necessity for health.  Sleep in very necessary for the body to repair, the mind, and be ready for the following days activities.  Physical Repair is between 10:00 pm and 2am.  After 2am the immune/repair energies are more focused on mental repair, which lasts until we awaken.

In today’s world where many of us watch TV late into the night and get up early to go to work we just are not getting enough sleep for our health.

Some suggestions to get to sleep earlier might be:

  • Wind down prior to this time.  It is best to start winding down @10:o0 pm so getting to sleep at 10:30 will happen for you
  • Minimize the exposure to bright lights,(fluorescent lights, computers, TV at least 2 hours before going to bed.)  Not always possible however it is something to think about
  • To have a great nights Sleep be sure your are in a completely dark room
  •  Avoid the consumption of stimulants (caffeine, sugar and nicotine) after lunch because this stimulants stay in your system for many hours after having them
  • Same idea with desserts.  Be very mindful of desserts at dinner containing alcohol, sugar and or caffeine again these might stimulate and cause trouble sleeping.
  • OK so we are back to water.  LOL!  Drink plenty of water, dehydration causes the body to feel stressed and the stress hormones are awakenin
  • Exercise  Starting to see a theme here?  This will help you sleep better at night.  Do be aware of the time of day you train, intense training after dinner can increase cortisol levels making it hard to get to sleep hormones
  • Consider moving electrical appliances in your bedroom to the other side of the room from the bed.  This is very difficult today because bedrooms have so many electrical outlets however moving the clock, radio and phones are the great place to start if you can

I don’t know about you however sometimes my mind is very active when my head hits the pillow so I include in my evening Tranquillity!  It helps calm my mind so I simply can go to sleep calmer more relaxed yet it doesn’t know me out like a prescription drug would.

8) Laugh

You’ve heard the saying “Laughter makes the best medicine” right?  “Well laughter is “healing”.  Laughter moves lymph and oxygenates your organs” according to Natural News http://www.naturalnews.com/007551.html  Laugh more!

9)  Connect with People

The philosopher Aristotle said, “In poverty and others misfortunes of life true friends are a sure refuge.  They keep the your out of mischief, they comfort and aid the old in their weakness and they incite those in the prime of their life to noble deeds”

Friendship and connecting are so very important for our well being!  Connect with People

10) Take Time to Mediate

Calming the mind is how I think of mediation.  We live in a stressful world, so much of us is connected to technology most of our day and evening, we live a very fast paced life.  Calming the mind and connecting mind with body is most beneficial for health and wellness.  Meditation can increase blood flow to the brain, decrease pain, better ability to focus.  Meditation certainly helps the brain to be healthier.

There you have it the top 10 things I did for a healthier lifestyle.  What I can be sure of is not everyday was easy however it was all worth it!  And that is hopefully the message that I can give you.  Sometimes when we are not exactly where we want to be with our health, vitality, weight, thoughts or anything that you are presently being challenged with change can be the most difficult because to change you Must give something up!  Even if you know that the something you want to give up is bad for you, you also know it has some kind of comfort.  Just know if you have the willingness to commit to making some of the changes for a healthier you it will be worth it.

If I can help you in the process please do not hesitate to get in touch and let me know how!  wendy@visionquestwellness.com for your questions.  Or comments.

To your continued health, Wendy







Strike A Healthy Pose With Symmetry!

It’s Time to  Strike A Healthy Pose With Symmetry!  Symmetry Direct is a company that I have worked with for over 16 years!  Love the products and sometimes they have articles that may be beneficial for you and here is one of them.  Differing ideas for exercise is important because not all people like lifting weights and Interval Training that I do!  So Strike a Healthy Pose with Symmetry and don’t forget to get your Genesis With X’Tranol 24 & Ultra Vitality for your great health today.


Strike A Healthy Pose With Symmetry.

Flex Your Body and Mind With Yoga and Pilates.


If you’re like me, you’re probably not a really big fan of sit ups and crunches. They’re awkward, show mediocre results, and if you don’t do them properly, they can cause severe strain to your neck and back. But if you want strong, toned abs, you have to do crunches, right? That used to be true, but now you have several options that don’t involve any stressful, painful crunches. You can use Yoga, Pilates, or both to have sleek, toned abs, plus strong back muscles and a totally healthy overall physique.

Yoga operates on several levels to help tone your abs, along with the rest of your body. The basic concept of Yoga is to hold yourself in poses. Holding these poses requires maintaining a correct posture. Just being in a good posture can strengthen your abdominal muscles. They are part of the core muscles that help you achieve and maintain proper posture. Even though you can’t feel it, these muscles are constantly making tiny adjustments and getting a great workout.

In Yoga, the poses are held for extended periods of time. Slow even movements and long poses give your core muscles an even better workout and help develop stamina through muscle strength. You’ll probably be able to notice a visible difference in your abs, but even if you can’t, you’ll know they’re stronger when you can maintain better balance for longer periods of time.

Another major part of Yoga is focused deep breathing that allows your body to relax as you pose. This deep breathing involves using your abdominal muscles instead of your shoulders to help inhale and exhale. In addition to your abs helping you maintain balance, you also exercise them even more simply by breathing.

Pilates is similar to your abs with the benefits it offers. Pilates requires use of your abdominal muscles for proper posture and for breathing, just as Yoga does; however, instead of remaining stable, you move your arms and legs around. This is actually just as beneficial for your abs because you have to use them to keep your body still while your arms and legs are in motion. Natural movement would have your torso move, but your abs and back muscles work to keep it stable.

Even though Yoga and Pilates and constantly working your abdominal muscles, there are specific exercises you can do to target these areas, especially in Pilates. These will give you the extra boost you need for more drastic results.

Neither Yoga or Pilates can be learned overnight; however, once you begin to master one of both or these arts, you will get an abs workout like never before without even thinking about crunches.

Try Symmetry’s Symply Magic™, Symmetry Genesis™ and Ultra Vitality™ today to give you the extra boost to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Strike A Healthy Pose With Symmetry today while you feel better, look better and live longer with Symmetry!

Make exercise and Symmetry products a part of your Healthy Revolution today!  Let’s change the health of the world 1 person at a time!  Go ahead get healthier today.  Let me know how I can help?

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Are you being sold poor health?

Ok do you feel you are being sold poor health?  Are you looking for a quick fix to a health concern you have?  Are you watching the TV commercials and deciding you might need one of those prescriptions for you?

I am watching Big Pharma, Big Bucks Documentary and it is really disgusting what is going on in our so called medical world! Now for sure today there are cases where a presription drug is necessary for saving life!  Yet there are also many, many cases where a person has created health problems by very poor diet, no exercise, smoking, too much sugar, too much alcohol.  Making better decisions are very important for you and me to make every single day for feeling good.

We are being manipulated with our health and most of us don’t even realize it!  We somehow seem to think that the medical professionals are working in our best interest.  Big Pharma is pushing drugs because they are making millions of dollars at your expense!

I heard a few weeks ago is that the average Canadian is taking on average 6 prescription drugs.   That’s a  lot of drugs if maybe you or I were able to make better choices to eliminate a few of those prescriptions for feel better.

Click the link below to watch the documentary.



Big Bucks, Big Pharma: Marketing Disease & Pushing Drugs

Healthy eating is not always possible!

In today’s world healthy eating is not always possible!  Fast paced, lack of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the food, processed foods, skipping meals.  Healthy eating is not possible all the time.  Ultra Vitality Crystals are a great bridge to fill the gap nutritionally from the food you are eating and what is no longer in that food as far as vitamins are concerned!

I have included Dr. Mark’s most recent webinar for having  a Symmetry Health and Wellness Insurance Policy with Ultra Vitaltiy so you can rest assured you are getting your daily requirements and more for your great health.

Dr. Mark does a fantastic job explaining Symmetry’s Ultra Vitaltiy Multi Vitamin and why it is a product that will help you when healthy eating is not always possible


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