Body Transformation With Kettlebells In Your Training Toolbox!

body transformation with kettlebellsBody Transformation With Kettlebells In Your Training Toolbox!

Is it possible to have a body transformation with kettlebells in your trainging toolbox? Well we do know that one of the best things about kettlebell workouts is they work so many different muscle groups, while at the same time providing an effective and very much enhanced cardio experience.

Ttruly the method of choice for a full body transformation with kettlebells, whether for the lady who wants to burn fat and build lean muscle tone or the bodybuilder who wants to build strength and bulk.

Kettlebell training is definitely practiced by men and women who want to burn fat, tone muscles and experience a complete and total body transformation as well as have fun, be challenged for total results.

The Facts of Body Transformation with Kettlebells:

  • You will achieve more fat-fighting and body toning benefits with kettlebells than doing 30 minutes on the treadmill and or traditional weight lifting.
  • Kettlebell training allows you to swing rhythmically with full body motions giving you the optimal cardio workout as well as  targeting several muscle groups, including a major emphasis on the core activation.
  • Trainign with Kettlebells triples calorie burning as compared to other cardio – approx. 400 calories in just 20 minutes!

Enjoy the everlasting benefits of Kettlebell and say goodbye to the traditional dumbbells, gyms or health clubs or at least inlcude kettlebell training as a part of your long term program.

Enjoy the everlasting benefits of Kettlebell and say goodbye to the traditional dumbbells, gyms or health clubs.

How To Get Started With Your Body Transformation with Kettlebells?  

Getting started with Kettlebells is easy with the many resources at hand. You can find various workouts online that will show you proper form and technique. You can also join a Kettlebell class in your area or local gym that will be led by a qualified instructor. There are also various Kettlebell training DVDs available to learn this unique form of cardio and weight training fitness.

No matter which route you take for your body transformation with kettelebells,  it is important to learn proper form or else you will be vulnerable to injury. We suggest The Turbulence Training Kettlebell Fat Burning Workout Program…PLUS Get 5 Bonus TT Workouts AND 30-Days FREE Access to the Exclusive TT Member’s Area Where You’ll Get Personal Help From Fat Loss Expert Craig Ballantyne On Your Diet and Exercise Program, for your body transformation with kettlebells!




Kettlebell Workouts Versus HIIT – Here Is What We Think!

Kettlebell workouts versus HIITKettlebell Workouts Versus HIIT – Here Is What We Think!

The other day I wrote about Kettlebell Workouts Versus Calisthenics so today I want to discuss Kettlebells Workouts Versus HIIT to see what might be most beneficial for your fitness training. For those of you who are unaware, the acronym “HIIT” stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  Simply put, this is a method where you alternate back and forth between a high and low intensity while you work out.

Over the course of time, this training style has gained popularity with all age groups and demographics for its effects on the body and for the fact that it burns more fat than any other workout. So now when we discuss kettlebell workouts versus HIIT  we know that not only does it cause a high caloric expenditure, but it also cranks up your resting metabolic rate, and boosts your body’s natural production of human growth hormone and testosterone.  This translates to a leaner, more defined body with a low amount of body fat.

It’s hard to argue that this is one of the best ways to get fit and lose unwanted weight.  When you compare kettlebell workouts versus HIIT, they can actually go hand in hand.  This really depends on how you structure your training.

Since the kettlebell is very versatile and can be moved easily, you have the option of doing an entire HIIT workout with it.  For example, you can do 30 seconds of swings, rest for 30 seconds, then repeat for 30 minutes.  That’s a standard 1-to-1 ratio of high to low intensity.

You have multiple combinations to work with too.  In the end, it really all depends on how trained you currently are or how trained you become.  Following a 2-to-1 work to rest ratio, for example, is going to be quite challenging at first.  But over time, and after you have gotten into better shape, it might be the sweet spot for you.

On the other side of the coin, the kettlebell can be used just as resistance to build strength.  An example of this would be doing 5 sets of 5 reps of double presses with 60 seconds or more of rest between each set.

The HIIT model does not have to include kettlebells either.  People who like to run races often perform intervals in their training to boost their anaerobic capacity.  This comes in handy while running up hills or trying to outsprint someone at the finish line.

Instead of going with complete rest, like you would with kettlebells, they just lower their intensity between sprints, such as jogging lightly or walking briskly.  Then they speed back up to the point they are trying to reach.

Kettlebells can also be fused into a circuit-style HIIT program that involves multiple exercises, including running.  The high intensity point would be achieved during each exercise and the rest interval can be short or longer, depending on how fit you are or what you are looking to achieve.

For example, you can do swings, burpees, rope jumping, combat ropes, snatches and running in a workout.

Each one of the exercises can be performed for 30 to 60 seconds and the rest breaks can be the same as the work intervals or shorter.

There is also an option to interval between an intense movement that targets one part of the body and a movement that targets a completely different area.  If you go back to the circuit example, you could do a set of kettlebell presses, then immediately jump rope for 30 seconds and then do a set of kettlebell squats followed immediately by medicine ball slams on the floor.

Your heart rate will still be up, but while one part of your body is spent, another part is not.  It takes practice and mental strength to get proficient at this type of training.

Applying the rules of HIIT to your workouts is not really that complicated, regardless if they are with kettlebells or not.  Just pick a batch of exercises you want to do, determine your work to rest ratios and have at it. So there you have it Kettlebell workouts versus HIIT! Adding the kettlebells in my opinion just makes training all that more fun and challenging.



More solid reasons not to eat this

Many, many years ago I was taught not to eat canola oil. At that time and still today most people think I am absolutely crazy when I might suggest they stopped eat this oil. Here is a great video to explain to you why not to eat canola oil. I like the content that Abel James of includes in this info on oils. He does a great job, makes it very simple to understand. I am not sure why anyone would eat these kinds of oil and yet they do.

Just saying! Stay healthy,

I was at the hospital

I was at the hospital yesterday and it was one of the most frustrating days I have had in a long time.  My mother had an appointment for 12:30 at the hospital for a test.  We arrived there just prior to our appointment time, registered and then we just waited.  We actually waited for 2 hours for a 5 minute appointment..


It was in the waiting that really got me thinking.  It took me back to the time when I decided that I MUST begin to take better care of my own health.

That was way back in 1997.  You see I have been taking care of my mother for a very long time and it really began when she broke her hip.  Now there are some that say you fall because you break your hip, others say you break your hip and fall.  Either way in 1997 my mother broke her hip.  Now she wasn’t in the best of health at that time however she was living independently and still had a fairly active social life.

When she was in the hospital recovering from the hip replacement, I was told at the 2 week mark in her recovery that she was going home.  She could not get out of bed by herself, she could not walk by herself and at that time her going home would have meant disaster for her and her health.  So I had to fight with hospital management and ultimately she went to a rehab home for 4 months.  When she came home she could walk, do stairs, sit, you name it she could do it.

I only share that story because at that time this experience got me thinking that I did not want to end up that way for my future.  It scared the @#$$ out of me that if I didn’t make change in my life that was exactly what my future was going to look like.

At the time of my mothers hip replacement she was 67 and I felt if I didn’t begin right away when I was her age I would be going through the same health challenges.

At that point in my life I was taking vitamins, supplements and had kind of started to eat a bit better however I still was not doing all that was possible.

I was still have my own challenges with Fibromyalgia, Myofacial Pain Syndrome, low energy, obesity.  My life was going to begin to make big changes.

Yet I knew I could not do it all at once because I wanted to have success and permanent change.  The first thing I decided to do was start an exercise program.

So what I did was borrow a friends copy of Tae Boe, (remember Billy Banks?).  I did the easiest Tae Boe DVD and could only accomplish 15 minutes to start. And each day I pushed 1 minute longer until I did the whole thing, then went on to the harder DVD.  It was not easy and yet I can tell you it was well worth the effort.

I kept that image of my goal in my head each and every day.  When I didn’t feel like doing the DVD that goal was what kept me going.

It was hard work, it was a fun experience because I mentally started to feel like me again.  That was the most exciting part.  HOPE was coming back into my life and that was a good thing.

Over these past 15 years I have gone from doing my little DVD in the living room and struggling to swinging kettlebells, barbells, body weight, riding my bicycle 660k, reducing my weight by over 70lbs, and probably most important improving how I feel each and every day.

So when I spend time in the hospital it really does make me sad.  I see people that are putting their trust in a system that I don’t believe will help them improve their health for the most part.

The tests, the medications (I do realize for some medications are the only solution and that is a good thing) yet for many medications only cause more and more problems, the lack of quality of life, the belief in a system that is not working.

You can make a big difference in life if you simply decide.  Really that is the first step.  Decide you want more out of your life.  Decide that you are worth feeling good in your life.  Decide that pain does not have to be a part of your life.

Small changes made successfully will give you the strength to make another small change successfully and so on until.  Until you begin to reach your goals, then you begin to make other goals, bigger goals, more challenging goals.

The small changes for me were like I said exercise, I did also begin to drink water (which I never really did before) and like I hear so many people say I didn’t like the taste.  Water doesn’t actually taste and what I now realize is that I didn’t like chemicals in tap water.  So my water of choice to begin was Perrier.  It was bubbly and kind of like pop.  Not maybe the best choice however I was water and a place to start.

Then over time very slowly began to learn about food, diet, eating, and made changes.  And today my eating habits are very different from 15 years ago and way back then it would not be something I could have imagined.  Organic, grass fed, pastured, I never even heard of those terms.  Even my vitamins are organic!

I was at the hospital yesterday and it took me back to a time where it all began for me.  What will be your starting point?


Today I share a secret!

Today I share a secret!  Today I am going way outside my comfort zone to share a secret with you!  It was about 8 weeks ago that I was feeling really terrible.  I was about 15 lbs over what I weighed last summer,  every part of my body was in pain, I was tired all the time, and just really frustrated.  I am a personal trainer, wellness coach, I shouldn’t feel like this right?

Well to explain where I am right now I do have to go back a little.  In fact way back to July 2010.  I was in complete burn out as a care giver.  I could not move, or get out of bed.  6 years of caring for my ill parent had just done me in and only when I got right to the bottom did it really become obvious that I was in total burn out.  We actually went into crisis and my parent was moved into a really beautiful Long Term Care Home.  It was one of those miracles that happen.  It just all worked out.  Parent is happy and now I am figuring I will be on the road to recovery.

Well not so fast.  3 weeks later I have an accident while ref’ing a hockey game and tear my MCL, Menisus and do serious damage to a disk in my low back.  I can’t walk  or sleep for 2 weeks.  It was a crazy time.  Over the next few months as I am in rehab for my injury and in my opinion it is not healing fast enough I figure I need a big Goal to get me there. So I decide to commit to riding a bike 660k Toronto to Montreal in July 2011.

I didn’t even own a bike to take on this task.  So get a bike, get training, and struggle along from April to July when we are meant to go on this trip.  Now amazingly I accomplished this goal.  In total with the training and the ride I put on 2000km on my bike last year.   Camped along the way.  Got home and then the recovery really began.

It took me a few months to really recover and in these months I started to see the weight gain, I was really in pain everyday.  I actually thought the pain was from the training rides, exercise ect.  Boy oh boy was I kidding myself.  I was just in pain! I was also very fatigued!

Now I don’t take any medication for pain or fatigue so I began to look at other lifestyle changes that might be necessary for me to make.  When I was ready because you always have to be ready for change what I did first was cut out all grains.  ALL!  No exceptions ever.

My decision was to only eat protein and vegatables.  I would allow myself to have cream in my coffee, a very small amount occasionally of Kefir, nuts, olive oil, butter and coconut oil.  (Will talk more about this in the near future.)

Immediately I began to feel better!  I could not believe it.  Within days the pain I had been feeling for so long was disappearing.  I could get out of bed with ease which I hadn’t been able to do for quite a while.  I had more energy.  Actually started to accomplish stuff each day.  Lots of stuff.  It was very exciting to feel this way.

Then I was lucky enough to plug into the Paleo Summit and listen to a number of specialist in Paleo living and was amazed that in fact that was what I was doing for the most part with my diet and didn’t know it had a name.

Then a huge improvement again when I listened to Dr. Thomas O’Bryan discuss Gluten sensitivity.  Bam!  I was absolutely shocked at all the things that gluten sensitivity can affect.  I made the decision to stop eating gluten and this has furthered my well being!

The experiment continues however it is very exciting to say that my weight is down 12 lbs without once ever being hungry or feeling like there are foods I am missing out on.  Cravings, no not really.

What’s more exciting than reducing my weight by 12 lbs is that clothes that have been sitting in my closet for quite a while because they didn’t fit, fit!

My training is really awesome.  I feel stronger than I have in a long time and I am not putting hours into training either!  I use kettlebells, body weight, and really looking forward to getting up to the cottage and using more nature training up there.   Have included playing basketball once a week just outside throwing the ball around.  Play!  It is fun, we laugh, giggle and at the end of 1/2 hour work up a nice sweat!

Results of the last 8 weeks:

  • feel great
  • have reduced weight by 12 lbs
  • have more energy
  • clearer thinking
  • lots of clothes fit that didn’t 8 weeks ago
  • better training (stronger)
  • reduced pain dramatically in my body

So there you have it today I shared a secret, I am a bit uncomfortable however feels good to share it with you.  I am looking forward to continueing this journey and sharing more as I go.

Stay tuned!

It is very good for your health, your brain, and the most important your future no matter what you age is!

It is very good for your health, your brain, and the most important your future no matter what you age is!

How did we get here?  It seems that the health of our world is at an all time low!  Just heard a few minutes ago that a reporter for our cities major newspaper dies at 51 years old.  And it seems that we are hearing about this very thing almost weekly.  Is it so normal for individuals in the late 40’s and early 50’s to be dieing?

I hear more and more about people that are living on all kinds of medications/prescription drugs and think it is normal.  Is it normal today to live on an average of 6 prescription drugs in a single year?  Personally I don’t think so however it does seem to be accepted as normal.  Can you imagine how people feel with even 2 prescription drugs coursing through the body?

Yet when it is suggested to get some exercise the answer seems to be a definite NO!  Why is that?  When did exercise get to be a dirty word?

I was listening to an interview the other day with Erwan Le Corre is the founder of MovNat and was totally fascinated as he described that most kids in school had really terrible experiences with sports!  Most kids weren’t good at sports so therefore they felt they just weren’t able to do any kind of physical activity well and this left a very bad feeling in them the moment exercise, training, sports comes up.

Personally I was pretty good at most sports, excelled in a few and so it would never occur to me to realize that.  Although at some level I see each and every person I have ever worked with as an athlete.

I see my clients as athletes, train them as athletes at their level and help them move forward with movement, training to become very good at what level they are comfortable at.  I have done this successfully for over 10 years and have seen quite a few people come work with me who said they were not in any way athletic become very active and athletic.

Those were really awesome moments.  Seeing someone do well at something they never thought was possible.

Learning how to move can be very enjoyable, empowering and so much fun.

It is very good for your health, your brain, and the most important your future no matter what you age is!

So get out there and discover the joy in moving!  Get in touch if I can help you move in ways that will be the most beneficial for you.


The last few months I have been experimenting with my life!  To explain why I have to go back to last summer.  I was in training for the Friends For Life Bike Rally, a 6 day, 660k bike ride adventure from Toronto to Montreal.  When I started training I was riding 50k a weekend and as we got closer to the date of departure we were riding 200k a weekend.

There were many challenges for me in this adventure.  I was recovering from a torn MCL, torn Meniscus and a big problem with my back.  On top of all that I was always in huge pain, barely being able to walk after each ride.  I continued and in July of 2011 we left Toronto.

The pain I experienced doing this ride was extraordinary for me.  Riding the bike was no problem however once I was off the bike I could hardly move and sleeping outside in a tent on a blow up mattress was beyond what I could enjoy.  It really made the whole event something that I couldn’t wait to be over!

Once we arrive in Montreal my thought was it was no big deal to ride a bike 660k!  LOL!

However once I got home and back to normal living back in Toronto not to be on a bike since what I noticed is I started to bloat up.  In a very few short months I noticed I had gained over 15 pounds and was not happy about it.  Even though I was not riding a bike I was still exercising and training each week.  As I don’t eat junk food of fast food it was really a mystery as to why?

Then one day we were having a conversation and the comment came out that where we were buying our food (protein) it was all grain fed.  I was actually quite shocked to think about this because they advertise the protein to be antibiotic free and hormone free.  In my mind that seemed to say it was grass fed!

You have heard the saying you are what you eat?  Well I was eating grains everyday and not even knowing it!  To add to that I was eating sprouted grains each day for breakfast (toast).  In the process I was gaining weight, getting bigger and bigger to the point where my clothes were not fitting me.

So here is where the experiment comes in.  I decided to do an experiment.  I was only going to eat protein and vegatables.   I decided that butter was ok to put on my vegatables and I could use olive oil and coconut oil for cooking.  Now within 2 weeks I had gone down 10 lbs and that bloated look was gone.  I started to feel more energetic, I was thinking clearer as well.

This was 2 months ago when I began this experiment and as I continue to reduce in size what I am also seeing is my sleep is really amazing.  For the first time in over 15 years I am getting most nights about 6-7 hours sleep without waking up.  That has been one of the best things about this experiment for me.

About 3 weeks after I began my experiment I was able to listen to the Paleo Summit by Sean Croxton.  Here I have been able to begin my journey to learn about the Paleo and Primal program by many professionals.  I have also been able to begin learning about Gluten Sensitivity, a big health challenge in our world today!

So my experiment so far has been quite amazing for how I feel.  That dull constant pain I have lived with for over 16 years has  been eliminated almost 100% and if that is all I would ever has found beneficial for my experiment it would have been well worth it.  Better sleep, weight reduction, more energy, clearer thinking have also been benefits I have seen over the last 2 months.

Now is a time to continue to experiment, to see what other benefits I see and more importantly feel.  I will continue to include Symmetry’s Ultra Vitality, Tranquility, Clarity and of course Genesis with X’Tranol 24 in my daily regimine, lots of Symmetry filtered water of course and for sure Organic vegatables, butter, coconut oil, coffee cream and pastured grass fed beef, and poultry and Alaskan Salmon.

I personally don’t feel that I am missing out on any Junk foods because feeling better is worth so much more to me than putting anything in my system that causes me challenges!

It is my intention to continue to chronicle this experiment for myself and see where it leads me.

In good health, Wendy Bottrell

Shoot for the Moon!

“Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.”  –  Lester Louis Brown

Where in your life right now today can you begin to “Shoot for the moon”?  What does that look like for you?  What would it feel like to do that today?

Give it a go and even if you miss you will land among the stars and would that not be very bright moment?  How would that feel?  How would you feel for going for it?

Change is all about how it will feel to move into a different place leaving behind the old feelings for new ones that will better serve you.

Let me know your adventure!

Believe in it without doubt!

Found this quote and feel it might be beneficial for today!~

“The secret to making something work in your lives is first of all, the deep desire to make it work: then the faith and belief that it can work: then to hold that clear definite vision in your consciousness and see it working out step by step, without one thought of doubt or disbelief.” – Eileen Caddy, Co-Founder of the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland

No matter the goal this quote is very good advice.  What is it for you that you must believe in without doubt for something to work in your life?

Join the Wellness Revolution!




Super Size Me No More!

In today’s world of Super Size Me we seem to have really forgotten what is a serving!  So here is a great visual that will help  you if you are looking for positve changes to your food intake!   I was given this many years ago and was very surprised at what a serving really is.   How about you?  Let me know if I can help~