Can we really make a difference?

I have worked in the health & fitness field for a number of years.  I have been very fortunate to work with people of all ages.  Each and every person was awesome in their way and yet what I really am passionate about is working with young people!

Young men and woman today are full of excitment and ready to take on the world.  It excites me to interact with them.  I have trained a few young people and truly in all cases it was an absolutely great experience.

Today globally we are in a health and fitness crisis!  There is more illness from eating poor quality food than ever before in history.  If we want to make change we must educate our young people in a way that lifts them up to knowing how to eat well and what that will mean for their future!

We must begin to be the example of what healthy eating, diet, fitness is so our young people can change the world.  In the short video below Birke Baehr talks about the crazy farmer that grows crops with no chemicals and raises animals the way nature intended.  The Omnivore’s Dilemma is where I was first introduced to this farm called Polyface Farms.  The book is very much worth the read and a great place to see why it might be important to learn about our food system as it is.

Here is an example of what I am talking about:
If this 11 yr. old gets it why don’t we as adults? Why are we living with our heads in the sand that the food we eat doesn’t affect us or our health?  Why are we willing to allow our governments, our corporations decide for us the quality of our food?  Isn’t it time we began to change the way we think about Organic food?  I don’t mean the boxed stuff in the grocery store!  I mean the fruits, veg and protiens that our ancestors ate!  Don’t we deserve to eat the best food possible?  Let’s do it together.

Let’s begin to Live Life by Design.  Make a Difference by Helping Other People Excel!

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Hello, thanks for checking out my webiste and blog. I am a Holistic Health Coach with a Passion for helping feel better, look better and live longer. My approach is very simple. Nutrition or lack of nutrition is the reason for Most Illness today. By providing clients with a solid foundation I am offering a chance for them to improve how they feel and look at the world. By doing this clients are having a chance to do more because they are feeling more about themselves.