Are you being sold poor health?

Ok do you feel you are being sold poor health?  Are you looking for a quick fix to a health concern you have?  Are you watching the TV commercials and deciding you might need one of those prescriptions for you?

I am watching Big Pharma, Big Bucks Documentary and it is really disgusting what is going on in our so called medical world! Now for sure today there are cases where a presription drug is necessary for saving life!  Yet there are also many, many cases where a person has created health problems by very poor diet, no exercise, smoking, too much sugar, too much alcohol.  Making better decisions are very important for you and me to make every single day for feeling good.

We are being manipulated with our health and most of us don’t even realize it!  We somehow seem to think that the medical professionals are working in our best interest.  Big Pharma is pushing drugs because they are making millions of dollars at your expense!

I heard a few weeks ago is that the average Canadian is taking on average 6 prescription drugs.   That’s a  lot of drugs if maybe you or I were able to make better choices to eliminate a few of those prescriptions for feel better.

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Big Bucks, Big Pharma: Marketing Disease & Pushing Drugs

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