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As a part of my business I provide leading edge nutritional products and have used these products for years.  The products are from Symmetry Direct and I have used them and marketed them for over 16 years.  The products have been tremendous for me and my family.  Helping us to be healthier, get fewer colds, flu, have more energy and keep us prescription free from the common diseases of aging.

So I was very interested when I picked up the new Tonic magazine and there is an full page article on Super-Oxide-Dismutase.  According to nutraceutical researcher Ryan Foley “Super-Oxide-Dismutase (SOD) is the most important Primary Antioxidant” he goes to say ” as it is the only one capable of neutralizing the most damaging free radical: super-oxide radical”    Foley says: ” As we age, our bodies ability to manufacture SOD at the cellular level diminishes.  We also get SOD from the food we eat, but typically at very low concentrations.  The super-oxide radicals overtake our ability to neutralize them, so if you’re interested in fighting off the symptoms of aging and disease it is important to supplement your intake of SOD.”

Foley continues to say ” Within the past few years, nutraceutical researchers have found a way to adequately provide a safe oral form of SOD that is vegatable based.”

Symmetry has SOD & Glutathione plus Resveratrol check out this:

This is so very cool!  It is great when I represent a company that is providing leading edge products.  When local articles are written on leading edge ingredients that we have had in our products for a few years that is even more cool.  Staying on the leading edge of nutritional products in this industry is what we are providing to the world!  Genesis with X’Tranol 24 is exactly that product.  Try it now!

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